Jan 4             Shoals                         Mooresville, NC

 Jan 10             Rusty Rudder                Cornelius, NC

Jan 11             Nashville Nights             Salisbury, NC

Jan 24             Zee's Tavern                Pineville, NC

Jan 25             Tapps Pourhouse            Mooresville, NC

February 7-9       Private Event               Jacksonville, FL

February 21       Zee's Tavern               Pineville, NC

February 22       Nashville Nights             Salisbury, NC

March 7           Rusty Rudder                Cornelius, NC

March 8           Tapps Pourhouse            Mooresville, NC

March 15          Horsefeathers              Sherrills Ford, NC

March 21          Zee's Tavern                Pineville, SC

March 28          Empire Pizza                York, SC

March 29          Victory Lanes                Mooresville, NC

April 4           Private Event                  Columbia, SC

April 5            Nashville Nights             Salisbury, NC

April 9th        Rusty Rudder Tommy Keys Acoustic Show

April 11           Shoal's                      Mooresville, NC

April 12           Rusty Rudder               Cornelius, NC

April 16          Rusty Rudder Tommy Keys Acoustic Show

April 17          Quaker Steak Bonfire Unplugged Concord, NC

April 19          Russell's Pub                Charlotte, NC

April 25 & 26     Private Event                Pinehurst, NC

May 2             Rusty Rudder                Cornelius, NC

May 3             Victory Lanes                Mooresville, NC

May 7             Rusty Rudder Tommy Keys Acoustic Show

May 9             Empire Pizza                 York, SC

May 10           Shoal's                      Mooresville, NC

May 16            Zee's Tavern                Pineville, NC

May 17           Nashville Nights            Salisbury, NC

May 18          Berewick Community Event   Charlotte, NC

May 21          Rusty Rudder Tommy Keys Acoustic Show

May 23           Empire Pizza              Fort Mill, SC

May 24           Puckett's Farm              Charlotte, NC

May 25          Pinehurst Country Club      Pinehurst, NC

June 6th  Tommy Keys Acoustic Rusty Rudder Cornelius, NC (day)

June 6th         Big Al's                     Mooresville, NC (night)

June 7th         T Bones on the Water     Lake Wylie, SC

June 11          Quaker Steak ~Bike Night Concord, NC

June 13            Zee's Tavern                Pineville, NC

June 14          Treehouse Vineyards       Monroe, NC

June 20          Rusty Rudder                Cornelius, NC

June 21          Riverview Raw Bar          Gastonia, NC

June 28            Private Event                Gatlinburg, TN

June 29 & 30th  Myrtle Beach Resort (Unplugged)  Myrtle Beach, SC

July 1           Harold's On the Ocean (Unplugged) Myrtle Beach SC

July 2           Myrtle Beach Resort (Unplugged)  Myrtle Beach, SC

July 3           Hot Fish Club               Murrells Inlet, SC

July  4            Myrtle Beach Resort        Myrtle Beach, SC

July 5           Nashville Nights            Salisbury, NC

July 11           Big Al's                    Mooresville, NC

July 12          Iron Thunder                Concord, NC

July 18 & 19          Private Event               Columbia, SC

July 20   Nascar Festival Quaker Steak    Concord, NC

July 25           Empire Pizza                 York, SC

July 26           MVP Bar Summer Bash     Charlotte, NC

 Aug 1            Zee's Tavern              Pineville, NC

Aug 2            Private Event              Charlotte, NC

Aug 7            MVP Bike Night             Charlotte NC

Aug 8            Rusty Rudder               Cornelius, NC

Aug 14           Quaker Steak~Bike Night Concord, NC

Aug 15 & 16     Private Event               Pinehurst, NC

Aug 22 & 23     Private Event               Pinehurst, NC

Aug 29 & 30      Private Event               Orlando, FL       

Sept 6             Amici's                      Concord, NC

Sept 12           Zee's Tavern              Pineville, NC

Sept 13        Treehouse Vineyards           Monroe, NC

Sept 19          T Bones                     Lake Wylie, NC

Sept 20           Iron Thunder                Concord, NC

Sept 26         Private Event                Charlotte, NC

Sept 27            Nashville Nights             Salisbury, NC

Oct 3rd         McKoy's Smokehouse & Saloon  Charlotte, NC

Oct 4           Rusty Rudder                  Cornelius, NC

Oct 10            Private Event                 Charlotte, NC         

Oct 11           T Bones                    Lake Wylie, SC

Oct 17            Zee's Tavern                Pineville, NC

Oct 18             Wedding Reception          Salisbury, NC

Oct 24           Michias                       Mooresville, NC

Oct 31         John's Place               Fort Mill, SC

Nov 1              Nashville Nights             Salisbury, NC 

Nov 8             Bonfire Bar & Grill       Concord, NC

Nov 14           Zee's Tavern               Pineville, NC

Nov 15            T Bones                   Lake Wylie, SC

Nov 28            Rusty Rudder              Cornelius, NC

Nov 29           Wild Wing Cafe~Epicentre  Charlotte, NC

Dec 6             Nashville Nights            Salisbury, NC

Dec 19           Zee's Tavern                Pineville, NC

Dec 20           John's Place Christmas Bash  Fort Mill, SC 

 Dec 27           Rusty Rudder               Cornelius, NC




January 9         Wild Wing Cafe                Greenville, SC

January 10        John's Place                   Fort Mill, Sc

January 16       Wild Wing Cafe    Epicentre  Charlotte, NC

January 17   T Bones <Throw Back Thursday Band>   Lake Wylie, SC

January 23       Zee's                         Pineville, NC

January 24       Wild Wing Cafe    Ayrsley    Charlotte NC

January 30    John's Place <Throwback Thursday Band> Fort Mill, SC

January 31       Rusty Rudder                    Cornelius, NC

Feb 13            Rusty Rudder                    Cornelius, NC

Feb 14  1st annual Lovers Bash    John's Place   Fort Mill, SC

Feb 20            Zee's                           Pineville, NC

Feb 21            Private Event                   Charlotte NC

Feb 28            T Bones                        Lake Wylies, SC

March 6    John's Place <Throwback Thursday Band>   Fort Mill, Sc

March 13        Wild Wing Cafe    Ayrsley     Charlotte, NC

March 20         Rusty Rudder                    Cornelius, NC

March 21         John's Place                    Fort Mill, SC

March 27          Zee's                           Pineville, NC

April 24          Rusty Rudder                    Cornelius, NC

May 9            Rusty Rudder                    Cornelius, NC

June 13     Treehouse Vineyards <Throwback Thursday Band>  Monroe, NC

July 18      Treehouse Vineyards <Party Parrot Band>      Monroe, NC

August 22   Treehouse Vineyards~ Hot Summer Nights  Monroe, NC